In Vivercid we are a family business that has been advancing in the same direction for 50 years: the production of plants to satisfy our final consumers and customers.

In the 1980s Vivercid was already an experienced company dedicated to the production of certified citrus seedlings for field cultivation. It was at this time that the director, Salvador Magraner, began the production of species of outdoor ornamental plants and more particularly those of Mediterranean climate.

His clear business vision and its nursery experience were fundamental so that the new activity soon reached a prominent place among nurseries of ornamental plant in Spain.
Currently, the production and wholesale of plant for gardening, public and private works and final consumers in generalist stores, has become the fundamental activity of Vivercid, our activity.


We produce about 8 million plants per year in field and container. Our production is spread over 20 hectares of protected cultivation and 500 hectares more in outdoors plants grown or in grown protected by monofilament meshes. We cultivate from a pot of one liter to exemplary plants.



Research and development on crop technology, the organization of nursery work and our logistics have contributed in recent years to our success. We guarantee that every plant that comes from Vivercid meets the quality criteria. We also offer our customers a labeling service: price and barcode personalized.



We can say with confidence that each plant that leaves Vivercid meets quality criteria on demand of each customer, as well as information labeling, price tagging and barcode which are also available.


We are a team of professionals dedicated to the production and sale of plants, always looking for the best quality both in our products and in our services. Today, as in the past 50 years, we are focusing our efforts on building the future of Vivercid together.

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