The production centers of Vivercid are located in 7 different geographic locations of the Valencian Community, with an area of 20 hectares of protected cultivation and 500 hectares more in outdoors plants grown. In each of them we produce the plants most suitable to their climatology to achieve quality and availability throughout the year. Day by day the plants that form each order are taken to the logistics platform of Vivercid in Llano de Quart, Valencia.

We have recently started a new line of seasonal and annual production of plants thanks to the acquisition of new facilities specialized in Petunias, Pansies, Geraniums, Tagetes … among others and to the incorporation of personnel of recognized technical prestige.

The production of horticultural, culinary and medicinal plants will also be added to this project, which will be available in spring. The quality of our lemon and orange, aromatic plants such as Lavenders and Rosmarinus, seasonal as petunias and pansies, Nerium Oleander and Euonymus, flower plants such as Callistemon, Bouganvillea, Polygala, or palm trees such as Phoenix Canariensis, Chamaerops Humilis or Trachycarpus Fortunei satisfy customers from Spain and from the rest of Europe.

Llano de Quart

Logistic and administrative center of Vivercid and production center. It is the nerve center from where we sell and distribute each of our sales. This is where we prepare the plants we serve to our customers and where each of them go through an exhaustive quality control.

The weather is cold in winter and ideal for the production of shrubs such as Euonymus, Pittosporum Tobira, Pittosporum Tobira Nana, woodland and conifers and where we receive the whole plant that we import from other European countries. It has 11 loading docks thanks to which we have tripled our expedition capacity and is located in a privileged enclave, in the NIII, 3 minutes from the A7 and 5 from Valencia Airport.

Production center located a few meters from the sea. In it we produce the well-known Nerium Oleander, specimens of Polygala Myrtifolia, Bouganvilleas, Jazmin Trachelospermum Jasminoide, Pasifloras or Hibiscus among others.

Mareny de Barraquetes

Tavernes de la Valldigna

Focused on the production of palm trees as Phoenix Canariensis from 3 liters and Washingtonia Filifera from 1.5l. Recently we have incorporated a production line of Nerium Oleander in 15 and 40 liters.

This production center is located in the Valencian Mountain and has ideal conditions for the cultivation of aromatic plants such as Lavandula Officinalis, Rosmarinus, Thymus. Also we find Nerium, Viburnum Tinus, Phormium and several varieties of Westringias.



It is the largest and oldest nursery of Vivercid, cradle of the activity of the group and origin of all the citrus fruit we produce. In Benicarló we have a team specialized in citrus and in plant cultivation. Recently we also produce series of plants destined for the export like Nerium, Lavandulas, Rosmarinus, Agapanthus, Photinias, Olivos and Arbutus Unedo.

It is a nursery whose facilities are prepared to produce annual and seasonal plants. But in addition to Pansies Petunias, Gazanias or Dianthus among others, we intend to add to the group the availability of spring flower shrubs such as Hibiscus, Bouganvilleas, Plumbagos or Lantanas since the climate and facilities are special for this purpose. There is also a wide range of culinary, medicinal and horticultural plants.

Albalat de la Ribera


Nursery of young plant to supply the other centers and where we produce the Hydrangeas of 5l that we sell during the spring.

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